The Holding Down a Job Episode

The Holding Down a Job Episode

May 7, '20

Welcome to the Failed Rockstar Club Blog

If you've ever had the conflict between work, and art this blog and podcast will be for you.

This week, we spoke in detail about our experiences of the work, band balance, that plagues many musicians, and artists.  It's a constant struggle to get that mix of not letting your team down, and not lletting your art down.  Which is hard to get right.

We got lucky by working for a vintage company that was geared up to employing creatives, and had a manager, and team that supported us.

This a shot taken years ago outside the Crosskeys Pub in Covent Garden, where we spent almost as much time, as at work.  Having these guys around us, really helped us to maintain the balance.

Your story will be different, sure, but there no doubt you have conflict in this department, so this podcast might give you some tips on how to overcome this...

plus there's some spectacular name drop stories in this one.


Inside the sacred Rokit Covent garden, that became the start of our own career in vintage clothing.  We learnt how to tak to people, and listen to what they wanted.

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