Care guide

Vintage clothes have often travelled from a great distance, been around for many years and seen a lot of things, so be sure to treat them with the love and respect they deserve.   They can't talk but if they could, these are the care instructions they would like you to abide by.


- Store in a dry, dust-free place away from direct sunlight.   Damp areas can cause damage to fibres and leave unwanted odours.  Long periods of direct sunlight may harm the colouration of the garment.
- I need to breathe! Vintage clothes shouldn't be sealed away in plastic tubs or in dry clean bags for long periods of time as it may damage the fibres.
- Use the right hanger.  Heavy or delicate knitwear may get damaged if used with the wrong one.  Try to use a wide wooden hanger, rather than a thin wire, which may tear of stretch fabric.   If unsure, fold carefully and store flat.


- Always follow the washing label instructions.  If the label no longer exists then wash at 30'C
- Satin, embroidered silk and other delicates should hand-washed.
-Try to wash your vintage clothes as little as possible.  Over washing can cause damage to clothing.  A good airing outside will often suffice. 
-Avoid tumble drying;  It's better for the environment, will save you money on your electric bills and will make your clothes last longer!

Quality guide

As most of our clothes are Vintage and therefor previously worn, we have listed a 'condition' to each garment as to describe it's quality.  We aim to only provide vintage products which are of a high standard but occasionally we may find the odd minor imperfection.  Vintage clothing like you, has lived a life and could tell a story which only adds to its character and individuality.  These are the guides:


A product which is listed as excellent will have no faults or noticeable damage.  Remember still, these are vintage clothes and have been lived in so some are likely to feel different to that of new garments and may have some slight print fade.  

Very Good

This is the term we have given to products which are generally in an excellent condition but may have a slight defect or sign of over-wear.  This may be a small tear in fabric/stitching, stain or mark, missing button or general over-wear.

Yify Clothing

All our Yify products are printed onto new clothing by us in our warehouse/HQ in Manningtree Essex, UK.

Should you have any questions we're always happy to hear from you so please don't hesitate to contact us at: