Supporting young people

 free counselling sessions

We work hard at Bestdays to give young people a place that they feel judgement free, listened to, and accepted. 

Bestdays are working towards building a free open-door weekly service with our in-house Counsellor Ellie, from Essex and Suffolk Counselling

We are working to find ways to fund this weekly service.  It aims to help young people speak with Ellie for free In a variety of weekly services that might include group sessions, private chats, and specific workshops.  

As of 1st June 2021, we pledge to donate £1 of every piece of YIFY clothing sold on our website to help fund this cause.


Some young people are really struggling with their mind, and are unsure where to turn to get help, so we are hoping that this regular service might give them the confidence to reach out to someone in a low key, low pressure and open capacity. 

Alternatively, you can donate directly to our go fund me page.

100% of what we raise goes towards funding this service.  I, Steve, am running this Go Fund Me page in a personal capacity to help fund this project, as I truly believe it is the right thing to help the young people in our world. 

All Cash goes in to Steve’s personal account and 100% of what you donate is given into this project to try and do some good.  It comes from a place of love, and hopefully helping someone out that might really need it.

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