Podcast Perfection

Podcast Perfection

Apr 30, '20

Podcast Perfection

I first found solace in podcasts during a heartbreak and could no longer hear any song Spotify had to offer without re-enacting a sad music video on the bus journey to work. Not a good look as you can well imagine. So instead of tuning my ear in to all the trivialities of the morning commute I turned up the volume on my podcasts. Podcasts are fab because they can provide entertainment, education and everything in between; they’re also a perfect distraction to our current reality, so here are my favourite five which we can all escape in to and while away the hours with all their back catalogues. 

  • The High Low with Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes
  • This is my absolute favourite podcast, and it has just returned from maternity leave to save us all from this desperate situation. Hosted by two delightful blondes, it discusses everything from ‘low’ to ‘high’ culture (hence the name) and is a hub of all the best tv, film, and book recommendations that you can handle. 

  • How to Fail with Elizabeth Day
  • This podcast is all about turning your apparent ‘failings’ in to something positive and how you have recovered from them. It’s beyond inspiring and uplifting and has a wide range of guest appearances for each weekly episode. If you were to only listen to one episode then please, please listen to Mo Gawdat – the author, philosopher and all round genius – talking about how to cope with anxiety and stresses in a time of Coronavirus, something we all may need a little help with at the moment.


  • TalkArt with Russell Tovey and Robert Diament
  • This one does exactly what it says on the tin. They talk about art. With amazing guests - hello Elton John -  and really thoughtful and passionate insights in to the world of art and culture it’s a great way to discover new and current artists working now. They also post all the images they discuss on Instagram so it’s a whole sensory experience. 

  • Dear Joan and Jericha
  • This podcast is absolutely hilarious, it’s a very tongue in cheek take on the whole agony aunt medium. Sarcastic and salacious in equal measure they’re not necessarily for the youngest of ears or for the loudspeaker during family time - the only thing out loud should be your laughter and absolute shock at what’s being said!

  • Desert Island Discs
  • An absolute classic one here, the back catalogue is filled with everyone you could possibly imagine, from John Cooper Clarke to Ian Wright and Thom Yorke it’s a feast for the ears with beautiful insights into their lives and some excellent music, what’s not to love.  

    ….oh and not forgetting the brand new podcasts from these Bestdays lot, Failed Rockstar Club which is a great way to better get to know Steve and Jez as well as find out about some cool bands and music recommendations.


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