About us

About us 
For us there is more to running a business than just worrying about money.  We aim to make a difference to young people and mental health issues that affect our young people.  If clothing and fashion can make a difference, then we want to do our bit.  
'One person lost on their journey, is one too many’ 
We aim towards creating a positivity club and a listening post in store that is specifically aimed to give young people a safe space to come in and talk if they need, or just to be part of our club.  We are quick to listen, and slow to speak. 

We wake up each day and ask 3 things of ourselves
 -How can this business help someone today?
-Treat you, as we would treat each other. 
-Turn up, be present and mentally engage.  Be a good person.
Yes we sell clothing, but for us, we are working towards something bigger;  providing help, direction, and positivity.
Feel-good clothing that makes a difference 
We recently launched our 'feel-good clothing collection’ which promotes both positivity, and helps with counselling for young people in Colchester.   We have partnered with YES (Youth Enquiry Service) and £2 of every sale goes towards funding councillors that are much needed. 

Long term goals
We are looking to grow stores in east Anglia to spread this message, and create more listening posts. Growing larger spaces, that can hold counselling spaces, and aim to fund this as a free service for young people. 

Y is for Youth 
Our streetwear brand YIFY (Y is for Youth), promotes positivity through threads, and we aim to continue to find new ways to explore positive mental health in streetwear.