The F-F-F-Fashion Epsidoe

The F-F-F-Fashion Epsidoe

Apr 25, '20

Oh Fashion is Danger.   You better believe we have had some shocking fashion choices over the years.  This episode looks back at the style choices of an indie boy from Brit Pop to the oversize work-wear look now.

a 14 year old Rodney Trotter look-alike trying to find his fashion way in this world by wearing his dad's jumper....

Through to a Russell Brand, or in Liverpool (Russell Bland)  flouncy ponce

Below is a from a New adventures photo shoot, when we went through our suits and waistcoat stage,

think we need to do a Bad hair episode soon.. if the featured image is anything to go by.

I honestly think that music and fashion go hand in hand, and this podcast constantly reminds me of that.  the 2 have had a huge effect on my life, and I would be my bottom dollar you too.

Listen to this episode on Spotify below or search 'Failed Rockstar Club' wherever you listen to your podcasts

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