The On Tour Episode

The On Tour Episode

Apr 11, '20

The on Tour Episode


if you've wanted to know what it feels like to go on tour with a band on a budget...this episode is for you..


This episode was good fun, chatting about the good old days.  We had some of our best times in the back of a van in the darkness.  It is always how we describe being in a band...

"spent our 20's sitting in the back of a van going to places we never would have gone to before" an that basically sums it up.  

Life on tour is weird. You spend 23 hours a day with the same 6 or so people to do about an hours work.  life is spent either in a tired haze, drunk, or totally focused.


Metal health struggles were real when you would finish a tour, and adjust back to normal reality.  It was a really difficult period each time, and it must be really tough for bands that are away for years at a time. Difficult to keep family relationships and manage those relationships. 

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