Failed Rockstar Club: New Adventures

This episode felt bitter sweet to listen back to.  I lived this life, so I guess it has more meaning for me than someone that has never met us   Saying that, I am in no doubt that there are thousands of people that went through similar experiences to us.  
Swimming against the tide, you put all you effort in, and don’t get swept out to sea, but at the same time don’t get any further forward. Eventually you run out of puff.   This is what happened to us.   We worked our arses off,  and occasionally could have worked harder, but the inevitable happened, it just took a long time, due to our bloody mindedness. 
I have so many fond memories of this time together, and made friends for life…. J, Rik, the McNamara clan, and Zac Fox. For this I am thankful.  We all went through a journey with this band, and it's sometimes easy to forget that it wasn’t only us that lost something, or put a lot in to this music.      Being a band is a team effort, and there are loads more people that gave up something of themselves to help us. 
I used to think that no one apart from us cared about this band, but a while ago, I met a couple that suffered from anxiety; badly.  She told me that 'How I got my Devil Back'. (As featured at the end of the podcast)  had always helped her in her darkest moments. The lyrics meant something to her more than I could ever appreciate. Plus she had a friend that had the lyrics tattooed onto his arm, for the same reason…….  I don’t care how you perceive success or failure….this is fucking amazing, and to be able to help even 2 people, with your songs shouldn’t be taken for granted. 
'You’ll pull through, you always do’.   ‘Don’t give in, hold your head up high’ 
Sometimes I forget that Jez’s lyrics have also helped me.  On a part of my body ( not the arse cheeks you cheeky scamps)  I have ‘everybody needs a brother;  his lyrics mean a lot to me.    I think it is a travesty that he hasn’t made a career out of his song writing….YET.  In my opinion, he’s amazing.    (And I am not just saying this because he will be the one that adds this to the blog, not even sure he actually reads these anyway) *I do dear readers. (Jez) 
So there you have it…. We may not have done a Coldplay, but we have probably touched people that we don’t even know about, and not because of all the booze we drank.  All musicians have the opportunity to do this, and no matter if it's one person that connects with your music or lyrics, it’s important, and should never be seen as a failure. x  
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