Fashionspiration - Elaine Benes

Fashionspiration - Elaine Benes

Jul 2, '20

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The binge-watchabilty of a series is of paramount importance in this age where Netflix reigns and time only exists in terms of episode length; this has never been more relevant than today, however the series I'm binging on is over thirty years old - vintage darling!

Seinfeld was the original comedy sitcom, based around the comedy of Jerry Seinfeld and his interactions with his friends and neighbour, it not only set the precedent for future sitcoms to come forth - hello Friends - it's also a beacon of fashion gems. Every character is dressed to early-nineties perfection, we're talking the age of the classic blue Levis and chunky trainers, but my 'fashionspiration' is of course the incomparable Elaine Benes.

Her wardrobe is all about over the top tailoring, transporting her work attire into her more casual dress wearing blazers in varying shades and lapel length, the art of power dressing is here well established. Elaine's style comes across as completely effortless, teaming high-waisted jeans and western boots with a fringed jacket she's less cowgirl and more self-assured in her style. 

Elaine for me is a feminist icon not only through her fashion but also through her strength and wit overpowering her male counterparts. Being the only main female character, she bridges the female and masculine differences by pairing floral dresses and ankle socks with traditionally masculine blazers to create a look that not only juxtaposes gender elements but that is still relevant and lust worthy today. Plus, if she's not inspiration enough to bring back the saddle shoe/loafer then I don't know who is?!

...and for all you guys out there, look no further than Mr Cosmo Kramer for your next fashion icon. I'm going to bed dreaming of his perfectly not-too-oversized and delightfully not-too-printy-but-still-a-print shirts. Pair this with one too many buttons undone, a necklace or two and a stumble in the door for ultimate Kramer realness.

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