Failed Rockstar Club - The Backstage Episode

Failed Rockstar Club - The Backstage Episode

Jun 21, '20

A blog about a podcast about music, and metal health.

This week we looked at life backstage, and dispel all the myths about blue M&Ms, drugs, fun and groupies. Instead we give the real story warm of cans of Fosters, packet sandwiches and if you're lucky a crusty leather sofa.  

This is a key part of most bands stories, playing gigs, working out relationships with other bands, filling long periods of time, and generally sitting in a room no bigger than the spare bedroom at your Mum's house.

I am fascinated by the relationships musicians form with areas of this industry.  For a person that stands on stage to perform, it's amazing how socially messed up a musician can be, awkward and unfriendly.  This is magnified by all these strangers thrown into a small space together, and left to fend for themselves.   It's no doubt different for swanky posh bands, but I wouldn't be suprised if it wasn't too dissimilar.


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