Failed Rockstar Club Episode 1: Fans Of Kate

Mar 4, '20
Listening back to our first official podcast, it becomes clear how music often appeals to the type of fragile person that needs a bit of reassurance and validation.   Artistic types such as ourselves can sometimes be absolutely full of self doubt, which isn’t what you first think about a person on stage performing.   For us as a band, it felt like we were frauds, trying to crack an industry, that on the face of it was so certain of what success looked like.  We weren’t sure we looked like that, and so it proved.
The next big thing
By the end of this podcast, I think we both agreed that our experience in this industry, and our relationships with music had totally affected the people we became.  Our lives seemed to be defined by this experience.   For me it, has brought to the forefront of my personality feelings of failure, and self worth that are also prevalent in running this business.  Choosing 2 of the toughest jobs to ‘succeed' at, rockstar and small business owner, must also be a part of my personality too.   Plus my expectation of what is success?   It seems easy to tell someone else, and truly believe they are a success, but for some reason really difficult to apply this to my own inner workings. 
Steve and Jez
As with the band, I keep pushing along despite these feelings, but as a personality default  ‘Why aren’t I good enough?’ type feelings haunt my every day.  I honestly believe that as we move forward with these podcasts, that we will meet so many musicians and creatives with exactly the same issues and feelings.  
Success, possibly,  is how can you deal with these feelings.  You can either let them define you, or you can deal with those feelings of doubt, self sabotage, and self worth.    Learning to speak about these things, has been for me, a way of confronting my own issues with depression, and working this all through in my head…. I hope that these conversations we have with musicians, would be helpful for you to also know that you aren’t alone in feeling like this about yourself. 
The business we have is a way for us to combat these inner workings, it makes me feel better about myself. As Nick from Mouth of manliness podcast told me…’How can I be a piece of shit, if I am making a positive difference to other peoples lives’.   This is how I am starting to feel about our mission as a business promoting positive wellbeing.  We hope to be a place of value for you, and community to people that feel isolated, not listened to, and have feelings of self doubt.. 
Our podcast is a way of opening these lines of discussion, and to let you guys know that it's common way to feel, and you aren’t alone or a freak.
Come and see us in store, or send us a message if you want to discuss this more. 

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