Anna Webber

I'm Anna and I'm the found of Moonbound Books. I make sketchbooks and journals from scratch, using recycled, high quality paper for the pages, and source beautiful and interesting papers for the covers - these range from handmade Hatakami Lokta papers from Nepal, to decorative sheets that have been languishing at the bottom of my own personal paper Everest. Although I inevitably have to purchase some of the materials that I use in my books I'm also a firm advocate in avoiding unnecessary waste by using the resources I have to hand, so you'll also find books covered in old wallpaper sheets, comics, book pages and other things I've got stashed in drawers around the house.


Anna Webber book binder

 You can find me on Instagram where I basically live and where I'm always posting updates about books I'm working on right now, plus I'm almost always sharing behind-the-scenes photos & videos in my stories, complete with lightly entertaining commentary. Alternatively you can check out my Etsy store where all the fanciest photos are."