Lili Marlene // Top 5

Lili Marlene // Top 5

Apr 17, '20

Throughout lockdown, we're getting some of our friends to provide their Top 5 tunes to keep you as entertained as possible.

We knew Lili Marlene were on the path to big things, but their riotous in-store performance further cemented our belief. Specialising in low-slung grooves and dreamy choruses, the Colchester boys are rapidly gathering momentum in the town and beyond.

Describing their sound as "competently slurred jangle pop" is pretty accurate; 'Blue Eyes' is a slice of soaring rock, while new single 'Three Months Older' sounds like King Krule experimenting with brass bands and anthemic indie cuts.

Check out Lili Marlene's Top 5 below. 


Belle and Sebastian - The State I Am In

Cocteau Twins - Summerhead

Harry Belafonte - Hava Nagila

Sorry Grace - Mount Pleasant

Rolling Stones - Miss You


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