How to style up a vintage vest.

How to style up a vintage vest.

Jul 31, '20

Vests are an underrated styling piece.  Especially on girls.   They're really lightweight in the summer, and super cute.   Especially With a vintage vest you can find some really great prints, and cuts. 

Imagining how to style up a vest is part of the battle.  Oversize as a dress, tucked in to high waist shorts, as a layering piece over a dress. are a few quick ways that you can change the feel of a vest. 


This summer the tie-dye thing is really happening, and we would 100% say go for it, even though there are no festivals.. Bring that festival to the pub beer garden instead.


In this series we give you 3 vests, 1 dress as a styling look. What do you think?



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