Confessions of A Coat Addict

Confessions of A Coat Addict

Apr 15, '20

Hi, I’m Louise and I bloody love coats. /jacket/cloak (?) call them what you will, I don’t discriminate. I think they’re all awesome. My only exception being the “beer jacket/cocktail cape/beer blanket”, you know, the coat you don’t wear on a night out in preparation for all the cocktails that will keep you warm in the line for a taxi home, (wow do you remember that, being out?!).

Now this is not to say that I don’t enjoy a cocktail but I enjoy a coat more (probably not true). The reasoning behind this absence of a coat for your evening out is either because you don’t want to leave it in a sticky booth somewhere or because it doesn’t go with or show off your outfit. Now the first reason I completely empathise with however the second is just not something I can fathom, for a coat truly is the best way to make your outfit something worthy of showing off!

I personally have a coat for every evening, look and styling – and that’s just the leopard print ones. They not only complete a look, they make an entire outfit. I’m spending a lot of time staring at my wardrobe reminiscing all the excellent outfits made that much better with an excellent coat. You can wear something completely mundane, literally something you found on or around the dreaded ‘chair’ in your room and then bam, add a leather jacket and suddenly you’re fully put together and ready to meet up with that annoyingly spontaneous friend. 

I have enough coats for every occasion, even the hypothetical ones, which are all we have at the moment: Dolly Parton invites you on stage for a 9-5 rendition? Well it’d be rude not to wear my white leather jacket – with added tassles; a dress like your favourite board game party? I’ll go for my black and white chequerboard number; a job interview followed by cocktails, I have a red vintage Dior blazer which’ll be perfect; a Cruella de Vil convention? I have a dalmatian fur coat with shaggy collar, and before you ask no puppies were harmed in the making of my warmth. The list could go on, but I’ll stop before this turns in to a problem piece. 

The only downside to a coat – I know, I’m shocked too- is that sometimes the weather does not dictate their need. I detest those summer days when it’s too hot (how quaintly British of me) for a jacket for this means I have to pay closer to attention to my outfit (and think about what to do with my hands). Coats aren’t just for warmth they’re also a perfect comfort blanket, whether draped across shoulders for a whole new level of chic or literally used as a blanket to protect from dreaded grass stains. 

So there you have it, coats are great. They are my comfort, my shield to the elements of everyday life – both meteorological and social – and just the perfect accessory. I’ll now be off to find an online support group, catch you on Zoom - but what will I wear?

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