A Fast Fashion Fast

A Fast Fashion Fast

Jan 25, '20

Nearing the end of that dreaded first month of the year and most of us have already broken - or at least bent - our New Year’s resolutions for 2020. I set my goal lower, knowing my own strength, and set out to only drink when going out. I know right, woe is me, I’ll meet you at the gin bar. This an easy feat in a lot of minds, however for me the idea of no cosy nights in with me, my current book (another goal: to read more) and a large glass of red is quite the challenge. Alas I’m soldiering on! Going to be healthier blah blah blah.

In the partaking of this mountainous challenge I had forgotten just how social January is. Especially for me and all the other retail workers who can now finish work at a time before everyone else is already at ‘festive’ peak. For me January is not blue, what with various birthdays, drag shows and exhibitions, January is hotting up. But with all this socialising, yet another(!) challenge arises. What to wear?  

As soon as I add an event to my calendar my first thought goes to my outfit. My second action is to scroll aimlessly through my social media apps longing for inspiration or at least a little self-esteem/like - same thing right? But back to me having absolutely nothing to wear. With this thought in mind I remember an email (or 10) that I had received. The emails which have been flooding in since bloody Christmas offering various discounts and *must haves*. 

I found myself scrolling aimlessly once more for a jumpsuit I don’t need/another leopard number/a top I’ll only wear once. Believe me I can talk myself into anything, especially with 70% off and an extra 10 when you enter a code and sell your soul for a pretty little thing. 

How sad this routine is, so I’ve decided to no longer shop these sites, even if it is just £7! Don’t fret for I am not a saint and cannot forgo treating myself. I’m just going to be treating myself from charity shops and vintage shops. I’m going for more ‘one of a kind’ dressing rather than ‘only wear once and throw it away’ dressing. Not only will the threat of outfit twinning be greatly reduced so will the levels of clothes we throw away – saving the environment one top at a time. Shopping in this way is so much more fun and you often leave with something you had no idea you ever needed in your life and a classic piece you’ll wear again and again, I may even grab a book while I’m at it. So no more fast fashion for me: I can’t wait to have a rummage! 

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